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New MA Earned Sick Time Information


If you have employees or if you are an employee in Massachusetts below are the highlights of this new law:

1.      This law goes into effect July 1st 2015

2.      Employers must post the law so employees can see it

3.      Employers must track and share sick time for each employee. We suggest you utilize your payroll company’s system for tracking and reporting.

4.      Employers that have 11 or more employees you must pay for sick time taken

5.      Employers that have 10 or less employees you are not required to pay for time used

6.      Any employee that works 30 hours qualifies for 1 hour of sick time

7.      Seasonal and part time employees are included in this law and follow item 6

8.      Employees cannot use sick time to be late for work

9.      Employees can use earned sick time starting on the 90th day after hire

10.   Employees can carry up to 40 hours of sick time to the next calendar year but cannot use more than 40 hours in a calendar year.

11.   Employers do not have to pay employees for unused sick time at the end of their employment

Attached are two links to the Resources Section of our website.  Under the Business Start Up Section you will find MA Earned Sick Time Summary & The Earned Sick Time Flow Chart.

A more formal memo of this law to be given to your employees & a flow diagram that should be posted in your office that will give employers & employees a quick reference to the law.



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