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What You Need to Know About the Tax Amnesty Program


A provision in the FY15 Massachusetts state budget establishes a tax amnesty program for two consecutive months during the 2015 fiscal year for certain tax types.

What is this tax amnesty program?

When you don’t pay your taxes in full when they are due, interest and a variety of penalties continue to be assessed until payment in full is received by the DOR.    If you qualify for this tax amnesty and pay your taxes and interest in full, the Department will waive all associated penalties.

What are the dates for the tax amnesty program?

The tax amnesty will take place during the months of September and October, 2014.

How do I participate?

Tax amnesty notices showing the tax and interest due, along with the penalties to be waived, will be mailed on September 2, 2014 to taxpayers who qualify.   If you pay the tax and interest shown on the bill on or before October 31, 2014, the Commonwealth will waive the unpaid penalties for the period.  Please note that the amnesty only applies to assessments that were on the books prior to July 1, 2014.

What types of taxes are eligible?

The tax types that are eligible for this amnesty program include:


More information

A Technical Information Release containing further details about the tax amnesty will be available soon.

FAQs will be added to this webpage.

Customer Service:  617-887-6367 or toll-free in Massachusetts at 800-392-6089